This option is for Danforth or Med School employees who want to use your own provider to get your flu shot.

1. Visit a clinic or pharmacy to get your flu shot

Employees enrolled in the Washington University Health Plans have 100% coverage for a flu vaccine obtained from an in-network health care provider, select retail pharmacy or network convenience care clinic. Please present your UnitedHealthcare card to receive your  flu vaccine. If enrolled, Medicare Part B covers on influenza vaccine per season.

Retain a copy of your vaccine documentation that includes your name, type of vaccine and the date administered. Examples of acceptable documentation are your customer receipt or your Vaccine Administration Record (VAR). You will need to submit this proof that you received your vaccine.

Can’t find your member ID card? United Healthcare: Call 800-382-2599 and provide WashU’s group number: #702111 or print online.

2. Login to ReadySet and complete survey

Log in to your ReadySet account to complete the survey and upload documentation.
Navigate to the ‘My Health’ tab, and ‘Health Surveys’ to access the Seasonal Flu Immunization Survey